How Much Does An Offshore Electrician Make

How Much Does An Offshore Electrician Make

Demand For Offshore Electricians In Australia

Back in 2015 we composed that offshore electricians can earn over a quarter of a million dollars a year by working on oil and gas platforms quickly marking them out as a few of the greatest paid experts tradespeople Down Under.

Completion Engineer

Salary, Around UK £ 50,000, typically, although Senior Pipeline Engineer wages can quickly reach closer to the UK £ 70,000 mark, additional emergency electricain knowledge by Emergency Electrician In Nottingham (

Electrician Job Summary

They need to operate in little spaces with practically no room for moving around.

Electrician Salary

According to Offshore Drilling Jobs, the average wage for electricians is £63,000 each year.

What It's Like To Work On An Onshore Oil Rig

Other camps are very standard, with crews managing their own cooking and cleaning.

Career Outlook And Salary

Since 2019, the BLS indicated electricians earned an average annual earnings of £60,370.

Working On An Oil Rig Hard But Still Lucrative

Other camps are really basic, with teams handling their own cooking and cleansing. Rigworker reports that electricians make approximately £65,000 each year. Salary, Somewhere in the area of UK £ 60,000.

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